BuddyBlog Pro Plugin Free Download [v1.3.7]

BuddyBlog Pro Plugin Free Download [v1.3.7]: The Ultimate BuddyPress Blogging Solution


If you’re looking for a powerful solution for blogging on your BuddyPress website, look no further than the BuddyBlog Pro plugin. This plugin is packed with features and customizations that make it the perfect tool for bloggers who want to take their BuddyPress site’s blogging capabilities to the next level.

Key Features

The BuddyBlog Pro plugin comes with a host of features that make it stand out from other blogging solutions on the market. Some of the key features include:

Customizable Blogging Capabilities

This plugin allows you to fully customize your users’ blogging experience, ranging from custom post types, taxonomies, and front-end publishing. You can restrict certain user groups from publishing, enable featured images, allow guest posting, and much more.

Intuitive Front-End Interface

BuddyBlog Pro’s front-end interface makes it easy for users to create and manage their blog posts right from their BuddyPress profiles. Users can easily add media, format their text, and even use a drag-and-drop interface to arrange their content exactly as they want it.

SEO Optimization

BuddyBlog Pro takes search engine optimization (SEO) seriously, allowing users to optimize their blog posts with title tags, meta descriptions, and custom permalinks.

Advanced Permissions and Moderation

You have full control over who can publish content, who can edit and delete content, and who can moderate comments. This allows you to make sure that your blog content is high-quality and aligns with your site’s standards.


The BuddyBlog Pro plugin provides many benefits to your BuddyPress site that you cannot get from other blogging solutions. Some of the key benefits include:

Seamless Integration with BuddyPress

BuddyBlog Pro was built specifically to work seamlessly with the BuddyPress platform, which means that you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or other technical problems.

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Secure and Reliable

This plugin is designed for maximum security, which means that you can be confident that your users’ data is protected. The plugin is also reliable and won’t cause any performance issues on your website.

Increased Engagement

By giving your users the ability to blog right from their profile pages, you’re encouraging them to engage more with your site. This can lead to more user-generated content, higher engagement rates, and better search rankings.


Overall, the BuddyBlog Pro plugin is an excellent solution for anyone who wants to add advanced blogging capabilities to their BuddyPress site. With its customizable settings, intuitive front-end interface, SEO optimizations, and advanced permissions, BuddyBlog Pro is the ultimate BuddyPress blogging solution. Download BuddyBlog Pro [v1.3.7] today and see how it can take your blogging to the next level.

BuddyBlog Pro Plugin Free Download; Today we have shared BuddyBlog Pro Plugin for free download to everyone. The shared file is not BuddyBlog Pro Plugin nulled or cracked; it’s a 100% genuine GPL file, and you can use this GPL file on unlimited websites.

BuddyBlog Pro Plugin Free Download
BuddyBlog Pro Plugin Free Download

BuddyBlog Pro Plugin Free Download is a BuddyPress plugin that allows users to create/manage their blog/posts from profile. The most flexible and user-friendly front-end posting solution for BuddyPress and BuddyBoss platform.

Table of Contents

BuddyBlog Pro Plugin Key Features

  • Allow your users to post and manage any type of content (based on post types) from their profile.
  • Let your users experience a pleasant content creation experience.
  • Set your workflow. Let users submit content for review or publish directly.
  • Be informed and keep your users informed with custom email notifications.
  • You can add any number of BuddyPress user profile tabs based on custom post type
  • Each profile tab can allow users to create, edit, delete, save drafts and check their pending submissions
  • By default, you can have sub-tabs for “All posts”, “Create”, “Published”, “Drafts”, “Pending”.
  • You can enable/disable any of these subtypes and restrict their availability/visibility by roles.
  • Each profile tab can use different form fields for post creation.
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BuddyBlog Pro Plugin Live Demo

Please remember that if you want technical support for these files, you can purchase it separately from original developer of these scripts. This will help them financially for further development as well

BuddyBlog Pro Plugin Live Demo – https://buddydev.com/plugins/buddyblog-pro/

BuddyBlog Pro Plugin Free Download From Here

We have shared here 100% GPL licensed file so you can use this file on your website or your client’s website without any worry. The shared file is not BuddyBlog Pro Plugin nulled or cracked file. We downloaded these files from the original GPL file provider and shared them here for free to download for everyone. Copy below Mega or Mediafire link and open in a new tab and download BuddyBlog Pro Plugin GPL file for free.



FAQ on BuddyBlog Pro Plugin Free Download [v1.3.7]

What is BuddyBlog Pro Plugin?

BuddyBlog Pro Plugin is a premium add-on for the BuddyPress social networking plugin, which enhances the blogging functionality of the site. It allows users to create and manage their own blog posts, and enables site administrators to control the number of posts, post types, and categories that users can create.

What are the key features of BuddyBlog Pro Plugin?

  • Front-end blog post submission and management
  • Post types and categories management for users
  • Customizable blog post templates
  • Full BuddyPress activity integration
  • Automated email notifications to site administrators and users
  • SEO-friendly

Can I download BuddyBlog Pro Plugin for free?

Yes, you can download a free version of BuddyBlog Pro Plugin (v1.3.7) from various websites offering nulled or cracked versions of premium WordPress plugins. However, we strongly advise against downloading such versions, as they may be compromised and include malicious code that can harm your website.

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How can I download the official version of BuddyBlog Pro Plugin?

You can download the official version of BuddyBlog Pro Plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository or the developer’s website. To download from the WordPress Plugin Repository, go to your WordPress dashboard, navigate to the Plugins section, search for “BuddyBlog Pro”, and click “Install Now”. To download from the developer’s website, purchase a license key and use it to download the plugin.

What license does BuddyBlog Pro Plugin come with?

BuddyBlog Pro Plugin is a premium plugin and comes with a GPL 2.0+ license. This means that you can use it on multiple websites, but you are required to renew your license annually to receive updates and support from the developer.

Is BuddyBlog Pro Plugin compatible with the latest version of WordPress?

Yes, BuddyBlog Pro Plugin is fully compatible with the latest version of WordPress (v5.8).

What kind of support does the developer offer for BuddyBlog Pro Plugin?

The developer offers premium support via email for BuddyBlog Pro Plugin, which includes assistance with installation, customization, and bug fixes. They also provide extensive documentation and video tutorials on their website.

Can I customize the templates of BuddyBlog Pro Plugin?

Yes, you can customize the templates of BuddyBlog Pro Plugin using the built-in template engine. You can create or modify templates for the blog post archive page, single post page, submission form, and email notifications.

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