DO THIS NOW- If You Want To Escape Poverty

DO THIS NOW- If You Want To Escape Poverty

DO THIS NOW- If You Want To Escape Poverty.


We get caught in this in the psycho cybernetics. Look this idea that what you believe will dictate your thoughts on a moment-by-moment basis. So if you believe that you know money is hard to make is a simple example: you’re, not going to have ideas or thoughts around money that would be lending to making it easily right, and so so what you believe dictates what you think You can’t, get like an apple from an orange tree and what you think you that experience is an emotion right and then that emotion then dictates what actions you do or do not take, and they’re, always aligned right.

Your beliefs, to take your thoughts, to take your emotions, to take your actions which produce your results and your results. When you look at them, then just reinforce the original belief, and so we’re caught in that construct right.

But the linchpin is the belief system. So the question is: how do I actually change what I believe if my beliefs really do dictate my destiny right, which is I’m, not the only person suggesting that the question becomes.

How do I change my beliefs, and in that is, is an inherent challenge, because by definition, beliefs are that which are true right for us, and so then, then the question is: how do we break out of this? There were only two states of emotional beingness that I could be in at any given point in time.

I could either be in a powerful state of being states like joy, curiosity, excitement, calm, peace, passion or I would be in a primal state of being boredom anger. Frustration, some form of fear. I’m, always in one of those two states and I’m, never in two states at one time.

Those map beautifully to the sympathetic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system right so in any moment, were either in fight-or-flight or were in rest and relaxation. The only cause of that switch to be flipped was my own thinking, the meaning that I was giving the experience.

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The experience itself, wasn’t, dictating whether I was in a primal state or a powerful state, whether I was in sympathetic, fight-or-flight or parasympathetic rest and rest rest and restoration or relaxation.

It was the meaning I was giving the experiments, and so that meant that all of my personal suffering was with my own intro I needed to start controlling the meaning. I was getting the experiences of life, the quality of the thinking that was causing people to move into a primal state which was really the only problem, because when you’re in a powerful state, you’re connected to creativity, to inspiration To vitality to energy health automatically operates.

Everything that we want is in a powerful state of being. When you’re in a primal state, you don’t have access to any of that and what we were seeing consistently was that the quality of thinking that was causing people to move into a primal state when we really looked at It worked with them around; it was the 100 % of the time.

It was untrue. The only thing they were thinking was untrue. I’m, not good enough. I’m, not smarter. I’m, not gonna. Have I’m, not smarter? If there’s not enough time, what we believe is the fastest way for you to eradicate a limiting belief is to actually see the limiting belief is untrue, and the moment that happens there’s.

A reorganization in your brain, like you, can’t unsee it once you see. The lie is alive right. There’s, a huge shift. It reorients you to the experiences of your life. It reorients you to you to money to the relationship.

I read some something recently and the numbers always change. They were talking about the part of the brain that pays attention right, the reticular activating system and something like 88 percent of what’s going on in any given moment.


You’re, not like I’m, not paying attention to your wrist with that which we tend to pay attention to is aligned with what we believe in so that’s. All we get. So if you want, you know more happiness. If you want more wealth, if you want deeper relationships, if you want to have more joy, you want to have more fun.

You want to, you know, achieve your full potential and really make an impact in the world. Then, what’s really important is to get clear on what that could look like for you and to make sure that what you believe is congruent with that outcome, because if what you believe is not congruent with that outcome, just neurophysiological you’re working against yourself, most people know what they don’t want, but they don’t know what they do want.

You know if you say to somebody what what do you want? They’ll spend maybe 10 seconds. Sifting around and then start telling you exactly all the stuff that they’d done, and so it’s. Important to have clarity on what you want to create to have clarity on the type of partner you want to have in life.

To have clarity on the things that you want to learn, because I believe that clarity is intimately connected to imagination. So is we’re, getting clear on something we’re beginning to see what that thing is right, that we’re, getting more clarity on, and we now know there was a study done in 2009 at Harvard where they Brought in piano players to play the piano and they studied what parts of their brains lit up and then they just had them.

Imagine playing the piano in the same parts of the brains lit up and the study after study after study. That shows that the brain doesn’t know the difference between imagination and reality. So is you’re, getting clear around something you’re, actually building neural networks as if that image or that experience had already occurred.

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I mean this is really powerful, because so often people don’t know how to achieve something and because they don’t know how they don ‘ T spend a lot of time getting additional clarity. They don’t spend time imagining what the future would look like with that thing or being that thing or creating that thing, because they get stuck on the hat.

And what I would suggest is that if you’re willing to invest time in getting clear around something or imagining, you build neural networks that represent the memory of an experience that has not happened yet that’s powerful, I mean we’re talking about like next-level mental technology, because if you had experienced the thing already, would you know how to do it? So what I would suggest is that it’s, that change in the neural networks of your brain that you can achieve through clarity, which is the part of this kind of imagination.

Category I mean Dispenza talks about it with meditation and visualization other great teachers talk about it in this way, you’re, able to start building neural networks of experience that have not happened yet that I believe, then give you access to the thoughts.

The ideas, the perceptions and, if you want to talk about like creating the synchronicities that actually closed the gap between that future in the present don’t. Let not knowing how prevent you from spending time getting additional clarity or imagining, because that’s.

Actually, what’s required to happen in order for you to know how you.


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