download ARSocial – Social Share Buttons & Social Locker Plugin

download ARSocial – Social Share Buttons & Social Locker Plugin
download ARSocial – Social Share Buttons & Social Locker Plugin

download ARSocial – Social Share Buttons & Social Locker Plugin

ARSocial is a social share and locker plugin that integrates with WordPress.

ARSocial is an wordpress exclusive plugin that combines Social Share, Social Like / Subscribe / Follow / Subscribe and Social Locker & the Social Fan Counter. You don’t need to install multiple plugins for social media. Instead, you can use one plugin that is easy to setup, configure, and maintain. ARSocial allows you to place social network buttons on specific sections or across the entire website.

The ARSocial plugin has all the features you could ever need and more. This plugin is the perfect solution for all your social media needs. This is a great design, easy to use and highly effective. You will also love its ability to hide/show share counts

ARSocial offers more than 42 social networks, including mobile networks. ARSocial offers a variety of display positions and mobile display settings, including Footer Bar, Share points and additional positioning for mobile sites. ARSocial allows you to navigate through up 40 networks with a click. This ensures maximum visibility, viral growth and popularity. You can build your company in a matter of minutes by using this feature.

This is useful if you have material you don’t wish to share, but that can only be visited and experienced by the people who visit the site. This will allow you to share information from other pages while protecting your personal information. When the competition is fierce, customisation is especially important.

ARSocial allows you to protect page/post content with two types of lockers:

  1. You can socially like and share by asking users to iUnlock using a likei, or to share to unlock content.
  2. Social sign-in locks the content until the user logs in via social networks.

Social Fan Counter

With beautiful templates, display fan counters for popular social network profiles. ARSocial has support for 17 social networks to display social fan counters. ARSocial offers attractive themes, display positions, and mobile display settings to social fan counters.

ARSocial lets you display your social fan counter at Top / Bottom Bar or Popup. There are many styling options. ARSocial allows you to hide certain display positions on mobile sites and provides additional positions only for mobile sites.

Social Like

Integrate like/follow/subscribe buttons of popular social networks with native buttons facility. ARSocial offers 12 social networks to social like. ARSocial lets you load native buttons to like, follow, or subscribe with different themes & effects.

ARSocial lets you display social like buttons at Top/Bottom Bar, Popup, Sidebar, and many other styling options. ARSocial allows you to hide certain display positions on mobile sites and provides additional positions only for mobile sites.

Additional Features You’ll Love with ARSocial plugin

42 social networks supported

ARSocial plugin supports over 40 social networks, including mobile networks. To create a collection of social buttons that can be displayed on your website, you can choose and arrange from all social networks.

Configured easily

It is easy to set up Social Share, Follow / Subscribe, Social Like, Follow / Subscribe, Sociallocker, and Social Fan Counter for display on pages/posts.

You can easily choose and arrange your networks, pick locations for social network buttons, finalize styling with preview, customize social network buttons mobile sites, and finally save the options.

Shorten URLs

The ARSocial plugin allows you to generate short URLs for posts and pages using This makes sharing links easier.

Analytics built-in

ARSocial provides analytics for all shared links and unlocked entries to social locker. Click tracking for fan counter buttons is provided in Pie Chart, Area Chart and Table.

Cornerstone Support

Cornerstone fully supports ARSocial. Cornerstone allows you to use ARSocial to display social shares, likes, and social fans counters.

Woocommerce Support

The ARSocial plugin allows you to add share/like buttons to all your Woocommerce products. This makes it easy for customers to share/like your products.

Visual Composer compatible

ARSocial can also be used with visual Composer for better display of social network buttons by using shortcodes at your page / posts content.

Website Performance

The ARSocial plugin has been optimized so that loading buttons are fast and easy without slowing down website loading speeds.

Multilingual Support

ARSocial can translate and localize your website in your native language.

There are many ways to display social buttons

ARSocial allows you to place social network buttons sitewide and sectionwise on all pages & posts.

Allow Native Buttons

ARSocial lets you load native buttons for social follow, like and subscribe. It also allows you to load other themes quickly.

Icons based on CSS3

ARSocial offers multiple CSS3-based icons and eye-catching templates that will speed up your website’s loading time.

Display Positions

ARSocial lets you display your social media buttons sitewide at Sidebar and Top / Bottom bars & Popup as well as sectionwise at Pages & Posts.

Mobile Display Position

ARSocial allows you to hide display positions on mobile websites. ARSocial offers additional positions Footer Bar & share points for mobile websites.

Clear Documentation

ARSocial offers clear documentation to make it easier for you to get help.

Change Log

Version 1.5 (16 February, 2019)

  • New feature: Log in user can hide their locker
  • Facebook API Versions that are no longer supported were removed and replaced with support for version 3.2
  • Removed Delicious Network
  • Fixed Facebook Like Button Issue in Locker for Facebook Confirmation Popup
  • Updated Linkedin API Calls according to oAuth 2.0
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.1.4 (02/07/2017)

  • Support for Facebook API version 2.9 now available
  • Improved css Social Locker section
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.3.1 (18.03.2017)

  • Support for the latest Facebook API version (2.8), added
  • Support for Facebook Share Counter

Version 1.1.3 (14/03/2017)

  • Social share buttons now available in 2 new themes
  • New animation effects added for social sharing buttons
  • More options for changing the button size of social share, like and fan counter buttons
  • New position option for mobile devices to display social sharing buttons
  • Social locker now has 2 new themes
  • New option to modify font colors and background colors of social lockers
  • Performance of plugin loading improved
  • Plugins now have a better overall user interface
  • Other minor bug/css solutions

Version1.2 (21 October, 2016)

  • Performance of plugin loading improved
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.1.1 (09 August, 2016)

  • Share via Added Viber
  • Share with friends by adding SMS
  • CSS minor fixes
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 1.16 April, 2016

  • Additional facility for shortcode duplication
  • Additional facility to display button on hover of fancounter
  • Additional facility to display the total number of social sharing
  • Additional facility to allow you to set a time limit for your social locker
  • Lock content added for category wise and tag wise
  • Social share via the added number format
  • Mobile view now offers the ability to add a share/like/fan counter.
  • Additional facility for media sharing (images)
  • Correction of bugs in previous versions

Version 1.1.0

  • Initial release

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Download ARSocial Social Share Buttons and Social Locker Plugin

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