[GET] Facebook Ads For Regular People

[GET] Facebook Ads For Regular People

[GET] Facebook Ads For Regular People


If You Need a Simple and Reliable Way To Send Traffic To Your Website For Building Email Lists or Selling Products, Here It Is

Can You Really Go From Zero To Building an Email List or Selling a Product In Just 60 Minutes?
Yep, You Sure Can…
I need traffic. I need visitors. I need eyeballs on my website.

That’s how it always starts.

Maybe I’ll create a bunch of blog posts. Or put some videos on YouTube hoping they go viral. Or go the SEO route and see if my site will rank #1 everywhere.

But all you get is crickets chirping. No traffic, no visitors, no eyeballs, no email subscribers and no product sales.

It’s not 2005 anymore when free traffic was easy and abundant. These days, if you want traffic to your website…especially for building an email list or making product sales…you’re going to have to pay for that traffic.

And there are multiple ways to go about it…Facebook, Google Ads, YouTube and Microsoft/Yahoo ads…each with their pros and cons.

But of these, it’s Facebook that will be the simplest and most reliable for the average website owner.

And when you do it the right way, you can literally create a Facebook ad, have it approved, running and delivering visitors to your website in less than 60 minutes. Yea, instant traffic…on-demand.

Problem Is, Advertising on Facebook Is a Lot Like Gambling In a Casino – It’s Why 70% of Small Businesses Fail with Facebook Advertising
Facebook advertising, by default, is very casino-esque. They make it super-easy for you to give them your money, while making you think you’re headed for a big payday that never comes.

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I call this Facebook’s “slot machine” approach that they love to use on small business owners. Just click this button and that button and we’ll send you all of this traffic – it’s so easy! Unfortunately with this approach, Facebook gets your money and you get dismal results.

It’s exactly why 70% of small businesses fail with Facebook ads. And exactly why Facebook made $69 billion in ad revenue in 2019 alone.

But here’s the good news.

You don’t have to play the “slot machine” game that Facebook pushes on you. You can go straight to the “poker tables” where it’s all about street smarts…and Facebook is no longer the casino.

And once you have these street smarts, the entire Facebook ad platform changes…where it can become the fastest way to get all of the profitable and reliable traffic you’ll ever need.

From $17.26 to $1.62
In 15 Minutes
Here’s a quick story of what can happen when you apply street smarts to Facebook advertising…and how quickly it can happen.

Ken (a new client of mine) was paying $1,200 a month to learn Facebook advertising from an “expert”. And while this “expert” had him doing all sorts of time-consuming, bloated and overcomplicated stuff, Ken was still basically playing the slot-machine-game on Facebook.

Sure, he was getting traffic from his ads, but his average “lead cost” was $17.26. That means he was paying Facebook a whopping $17.26 for every email address he added to his list. If that sounds like a lot, that’s because it is.

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My first Zoom meeting with Ken was 15 minutes long. That meant I had 15 minutes to try and undo the Facebook shit-show Ken had gotten himself involved in.

During that 15 minutes, I told Ken to make 3 very specific changes to his Facebook ads and gave him examples of what the changes should look like. I could tell he wasn’t exactly sold on my changes because they were so damn simple, but he agreed to try them for a couple of weeks.

Fast-forward to our next Zoom coaching session. Ken told/showed me how his “lead cost” had plummeted to $1.62. That means instead of paying $17.26 to get someone’s email address, he was now paying just $1.62. And his sales had gone up by 11% with these way cheaper leads. And oh, he had terminated his contact with the “expert”.

So what exactly did I share with Ken that allowed him to get results like this? I showed him how to be street smart with Facebook ads. And I can show you how to do the same thing too.


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