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[GET] Forex Algorithmic Trading with Python : Build a DCA Bot –

[GET] Forex Algorithmic Trading with Python : Build a DCA Bot –

What you'll learn

  • Learn the Fundamentals of Python
  • Data Analysis With Pandas Library in Python
  • Foundation Forex Knowladge For Beginners ( Learn Types of Currency Pairs , Lots, Pips, Leverage, Margin, 6 Types of Order Types , Basic Calculations )
  • The DCA Trading Stratergy ( Placing Orders at Different Price Levels , Calculating the Profit , Taking a Correct Entry, Best Markets to Grid Stratergy )
  • Fundamentals of Algorithmic Trading
  • Connecting MetaTrader with Python Using MetaTrader5 Library and Placing Different Types of Orders
  • Calculating Profit, Margin,Volume ect with Python
  • Building DCA Strategy Using Psudo Code and Converting into Python Code
  • Creating Multiple Trading Bots Using Classes and Objects and Run Them Parallelly with Multi Processing
  • Understanding Suitable Market Situations and Live Trading


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