[GET] Make eCom Work – An Effective Dropshipping Course –

[GET] Make eCom Work – An Effective Dropshipping Course –


For the past few years I’ve done nothing but lay my head down and perfect the copy and paste system that can be used over and over again for dropshipping.

When I started I thought this would only work for me, but after a while I shared my system with a select few people and they got great results with it too.

It went on and more and more people got results

How does this process work?

  • Find your product and create your offer
    Most beginner dropshippers believe that they need to find a successful product. In reality, they end up testing more than 30 products without finding a winner. To prevent this from happening, we not only help you find a winning product, we select it for you and show you how to create an irresistible offer around the product so that your people buy from you and not the competition

  • Build your high converting sales funnel
    If you’re still wasting your time with a Shopify store, your conversion rate is probably under 1.5%, right?
    At Make eCom Work, we teach you how to create a simple 4-page sales funnel. In our experience, these sales funnels convert more than twice as fast as a standard deal and through our very specific upsell process, we also double the amount people spend with you

  • Construction of your traffic machine
    Have you ever placed Facebook Ads, Google Ads or Ads on another platform? If so, you probably know that making them profitable is quite difficult. Therefore, before we spend a single cent on ADs, we will test the product with Fast & Free strategies and then start serving ads

  • Scale your business fast
    At this stage, you’re ready to get to 6/7 figures in no time. When I first explored this process, I went from 0 to 7 numbers in just 9 months. Here we are 100% focused on increasing sales and building a lasting and impactful brand.

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Thanks sibijay, but the mega file needs a decryption link. I would appreciate if you could help me with this

The Mega-Link itself does not require a decryption key.
There is a password, however, and that has already been mentioned.

Already a few downloads with no problems.


@Sibijay Many Thanks. No key required

My mistake, I didn’t copy the mega link correctly

Thank you for your prompt reply

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