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[GET] Momentum Program

[GET] Momentum Program

How One Strategic Hour Per Day Can Increase Your Annual Consulting Income by Six Figures Without Uncomfortable Cold Calls or Spam Emails
Without chasing after Facebook, Twitter, or other social media “shiny objects,”

Without the need for complex and costly software or website redesigns

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In Momentum, you get everything.

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Zipursky, Michael

Would you like to know what the difference is between a high-six- or seven-figure consultant with a waiting list of clients who are drawn to him or her almost magnetically and a struggling consultant who lives month to month?
Would you like to know what distinguishes a consultant who has control over their schedule, makes a significant impact doing what they are good at, and earns enough money to enjoy time off with their family, traveling, golfing, skiing, or simply lying on the beach…
and one who has to work 70-80 hours a week just to make ends meet?
Do you want to know what distinguishes a consultant who gladly turns away potential clients because they aren’t the PERFECT fit…
and a consultant who HAS to take every client they can get, no matter how time-consuming and aggravating they will be because “beggars can’t be choosers”?
The thing that separates them is actually quite simple.
Let me tell you a quick story to demonstrate the difference…
Martin had been in business for ten months and was still staring at his email inbox, hoping for good news.
It was the afternoon of a Thursday. Ping! Martin’s inbox was flooded with new emails.
Martin hoped it was Delta FX, a new prospective client to whom he had sent a proposal. But it was his sister who did it. “Please bring a fruit plate for dessert, and I hope to see you on Sunday!”
Martin had checked his email at least 15 times that day, and the day before, and the day before, hoping that Delta FX would sign off and cut him a check for the month’s “nut.”
But it had been more than a week…radio silence.
Martin was beginning to squirm. Delta FX was the only deal in his pipeline that he believed had a good chance of closing. The others were, at best, long shots.
Martin began to mutter, “What did I do wrong?” What would you have done differently if you could go back in time? I told them everything I knew. They are aware that I used to work for one of the major national manufacturers. Ted Smith even introduced me to them and told them I was the man for the job!”
But when Martin sent the proposal (which he’d been working on for DAYS) to Jerry, all he got was “Thanks, we’ll let you know.”

Then there were crickets.


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And when the waiting became too much for Martin, he snapped and sent an email…

“Jerry, I was wondering if you had any questions about the proposal?”

Nada. It was deafeningly quiet. And the thing is… Martin was used to the silence. In fact, this was standard procedure.
This is how it was always done…

He was referred by someone he used to work with. Martin would send an email to the prospect. And yet another. And yet another. And yet another. Maybe they’d eventually respond with, “Sure, send us a proposal.” Martin would then send one.

Then there’s the waiting. And waiting, waiting, waiting. Martin could feel himself aging as he waited each time!

Sure, he’d gotten a couple of clients. However, landing one was nearly as bad as not landing one!

The workload was almost always significantly greater than he had anticipated. He never seemed to understand what the client was saying. They were never truly on the same page. Scope creep, misunderstandings, work duplication, and disagreements about objectives

Were there no EASY clients around? Why did they have to be so difficult?
Martin began to wonder if he should simply tuck his tail between his legs and go beg for his old corporate job… “I’m sure Bill Johnson would adore it.” Martin’s old cubicle mate, Bill, had chuckled when Martin told him he was starting his own practice.
“Why on earth would you leave a secure job with benefits to go it alone?” You’ll snap under the strain, man. I’d give it three months at most.

It would be embarrassing to admit Bill was correct. But what was he going to do about it?

If Delta FX didn’t close, he’d have to return (assuming they’d take him back!). Alternatively, his wife Tiffany would have to take the admin JOB to make ends meet until he could find another client.

And he had no idea when or how that would occur.

That is Martin’s tale.

And in my career, I’ve heard variations on that story 387 times. It’s a story that many consultants find themselves in. And eventually they gave up… or accept it as “just the way it is.”


“I suppose this is the life of a consultant. You work 70 hours a week for unappreciative clients just to make ends meet. And you have to scramble every few months to find new clients.”


It’s either feast or famine. Consulting on the rollercoaster. Up and down the scale. There is no consistency. There is no stability. There is no security. There is no joy. It’s not fun.


But there’s more to the story.


Martin’s experience does not have to be yours.


Your consulting experience may be very different.


In fact, Elliot’s story could become your story in as little as 25 days…

“I was bored and dissatisfied with corporate life.


I was given the opportunity to leave the company I was working for, relocate to Northern California, and be a part of a turnaround.


That was my hope for a cure. It wasn’t; in fact, I was even more unhappy. I’m a pretty stoic guy, but one night I came home, miserable, stressed, and angry that I made this move and ended up feeling just as unfulfilled.


I sat down at the kitchen table and promptly burst out laughing.


Julie (my wife) said it was time, that after all these years of betting on someone else, it was now time to bet on myself. That appealed to her more.


For years, I had wanted to make the leap but had always found a reason not to. We had two in college at the time I made the move, with another on the way in a few years. We recently bought a large house in Northern California. It was terrifying.


I now wonder how I managed to stay in the corporate world for so long. Now I look forward to going to work every day because I get to work with and for people I care about, who I agree with, and who I admire.


I’m making more money (which I didn’t think was possible), and I’m having experiences I never thought I’d have.


For example, sitting at the kitchen table of a Hollywood celebrity’s home on Mulholland Drive, traveling to Malaysia with clients’ friends, or heading to Lisbon for a Mastermind group.


It’s all pretty incredible.”



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