[GET] One VA Away Challenge

[GET] One VA Away Challenge

[GET] One VA Away Challenge

Hire the Right VA the First Time!

No more guessing or hoping you’re doing things right…
I guarantee you’ll find a GREAT VA when I walk you through the
DETAILED RECRUITING method I use to hire my personal Filipino virtual assistants…
…Or I’ll give you your money back!

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My One VA Away recruiting training…
Is quick and effective. You don’t have time to waste.
Has proven successful over and over and over.
Took me more than 15 years to hone and perfect.
Has only been shared in detail with a select few in my inner coaching circle.
Will guarantee you a fantastic VA hire with very few exceptions.
Will give you the confidence you need to pull the outsourcing trigger, make your first Filipino VA hire and help you get your life back.
Get One VA Away For Life
(no monthly fees!!!)

Hannah Hageman
hannahhageman.com, CEO
John Jonas, you’ve created a CEO out of me.

I can’t believe how much my mindset has changed and I’ve had my OFSs for only 3 days.

I am up at 8pm trying to figure out what I can have them do before I go to bed so my business can be built literally while I sleep. And it’s FUN!

The two women I hired are as amazing as you promised, so willing to learn, quick to pick up new ideas, and already so loyal!

I can’t believe how much we’ve gotten done in just 3 days!! Big things are coming!

Thank you for the education you offer, I took all your advice and I’m so thankful for it. I so appreciate your transparency, your willingness to invest in me as an employer and in the amazing Filipinos, I hired.

You have taught me so much about them and I am just baffled at how quickly things are moving now that I’m thinking like a CEO and I have salaried, competent and willing people on my team. It’s just incredible.
Note from Author and OnlineJobs.ph Creator, John Jonas:

Don’t Get Duped by the
Common Misconception…
There’s a widespread myth that you have to hire and fire a handful of VAs before finding “the right one.”

Your time is too valuable for that.

I’m telling you right now: you don’t have to kiss a bunch of frogs. You just have to know how to hire the right one the first time. I can show you how to do that with my 7-Steps One VA Away Challenge…



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