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[GET] Steve Luke – The Forex Trading Academy –

For a one-time fee, you have access to 90 high-quality videos ranging from beginner-oriented tutorials to advanced forex trading techniques and strategies.

Trading for beginners

The forex trading for beginners section contains videos on what is a pip, what is a candlestick, how to set up your charts, candlestick formations, how to enter a trade, what tools are used by forex traders, forex basics and so on. The goal is for someone who has never had any trading experience to start from scratch and get an excellent foundation on which to start their trading journey.

intermediate trade

Once you’re done with the beginner content, you’ll be well positioned to pick up the more advanced videos. Here we’re going to pick up the pace a bit and start looking at some more difficult concepts and strategies that will prepare you for the more advanced videos. We’ll look at institutional trading and identify key points of interest and turning points from which to derive great trades. We will also look at how to read price moves in detail, understand where the price is moving and why and how we can catch those good moves and be in sync with the market. When you know where the price is going, the rest follows.

Advanced Trading

These videos are designed for those who consider themselves confident forex traders and want to take their skills to the next level. I would recommend that you watch both the beginner and intermediate videos before tackling this section. We’ll cover things like: precision/sniper entries, lower timeframe entries, the 1 minute chart, what to look for when identifying lower timeframe confirmations, and where and why to enter each lower timeframe. Basically the very fine details of the strategies that once mastered can set you apart from the rest!

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