Hotelia v2.1 – Hotel Booking / Resort Booking Management Website

Hotelia v2.1 – Hotel Booking / Resort Booking Management Website Review


Hotelia v2.1 is a comprehensive hotel and resort booking management website. It is a reliable and easy-to-use platform that can help hotel and resort owners manage their bookings effectively. This web application offers a one-stop-shop for hotel booking management, from reservation management to payment processing and inventory management. It allows hotel and resort owners to easily manage their properties and bookings via an intuitive dashboard.

Features and Functionalities

Hotelia v2.1 is packed with features and functionalities that make it one of the best hotel booking management websites in the market. Some of the key features of Hotelia include:

Multiple Payment Gateways

This hotel booking website allows guests to make payments through various payment gateways, including Paypal, Stripe, and offline payment methods.

Real-Time Availability

Hotelia v2.1 provides real-time availability updates, allowing guests to see which rooms are available during their desired booking period.

Inventory Management

The platform comes equipped with inventory management tools, which help hotel and resort owners keep track of their room availability and occupancy rates.

Customizable Booking Forms

With this platform, hotel and resort owners can create customizable booking forms that can be tailored to meet their specific needs.

Social Media Integration

Hotelia v2.1 allows users to integrate their social media profiles with their booking pages, thereby increasing their reach and visibility.

User Interface

The user interface of Hotelia v2.1 is intuitive and user-friendly. The platform has been designed to be easily navigable, with all the core features prominently displayed on the dashboard. The booking process is also simple and easy to follow, making it convenient for guests to book their stay at a hotel or resort.

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Hotelia v2.1 is available in four pricing plans: Starter, Basic, Professional, and Enterprise. The Starter plan is free but comes with limited features while the Enterprise plan is the most expensive and includes all the features Hotelia has to offer. The Basic and Professional plans are the most popular and offer a good balance between features and pricing.

Customer Support

Hotelia v2.1 provides excellent customer support through its website. The platform offers a comprehensive Help Center, which includes a knowledge base, tutorials, and FAQs. Users can also contact the support team through email or live chat for any additional support they may need.


Overall, Hotelia v2.1 is an excellent hotel booking management website that offers a comprehensive range of features and functionalities to help hotel and resort owners manage their bookings effectively. The platform is user-friendly, customizable, and comes with excellent customer support. Its pricing plans are also reasonable and offer good value for money. If you are looking for a reliable hotel booking management website, Hotelia v2.1 is definitely worth considering.

Hotelia v2.1 - Hotel Booking / Resort Booking Management Website

Hotelia is a Hotel Booking / Tour Package Booking Management Website. Hotelia provides attactive design to grab the customers attention. There are 12 home versions & 2 themes. Each Theme has 6 Home Versions – Static, Slider, Particles, Parallax, Video Background, Water. Admin can change the Theme & Home with just one click


This file has UNTOUCHED status – (original developer code without any tampering done)

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Frequently Asked Questions on Hotelia v2.1 – Hotel Booking / Resort Booking Management Website

What is Hotelia v2.1?

Hotelia v2.1 is an advanced hotel and resort booking management system designed to simplify hotel and resort reservation processes. It comes with a wide range of features that allows hoteliers to manage reservations, bookings, and availability with ease.

What features does Hotelia v2.1 offer?

Hotelia v2.1 comes with the following features:

  • Real-time reservations
  • Booking management
  • Availability management
  • Room assignment management
  • Seasonal rates
  • Invoicing and payment features
  • Discount management
  • Reports generation
  • Multiple payment gateways integration

Is Hotelia v2.1 customizable?

Yes, Hotelia v2.1 is highly customizable. Hoteliers can customize the design of the online booking system to match their brand colors, add custom fields, and create custom reservation forms.

How does Hotelia v2.1 automate hotel and resort bookings?

Hotelia v2.1 provides a real-time booking feature that automates the reservation process. The booking process is automated, and the availability of rooms is updated in real-time, ensuring that no double bookings occur.

What payment gateways does Hotelia v2.1 integrate with?

Hotelia v2.1 integrates with all major payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and

Is Hotelia v2.1 user-friendly?

Yes, Hotelia v2.1 is user-friendly. The intuitive user interface makes it easy for hoteliers and guests to use the system.

What type of support does Hotelia v2.1 offer?

Hotelia v2.1 offers 24/7 customer support. The support team is available through email, phone, and live chat.

What are the system requirements for Hotelia v2.1?

Hotelia v2.1 requires a web server with PHP 5.6+ and MySQL 5.6+ support. The system is compatible with all major browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer.

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Is there a demo version of Hotelia v2.1 available?

Yes, a demo version of Hotelia v2.1 is available. You can request access to the demo by contacting the support team.

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