SEO Gems- Advanced Money Hat SEO 2021

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SEO Gems- Advanced Money Hat SEO 2021

SEO Gems- Advanced Money Hat SEO 2021


SEO Gems- Advanced Money Hat SEO 2021

This course is designed for those who have a basic understanding of SEO and will have the tools and abilities to use advanced SEO methodology and techniques that could revolutionize the way you run campaigns several times over.

These strategies are not for inexperienced users! This course is intended to empower people who are already making money with SEO, have a business, an agency, clients, or their own websites, and will be able to easily implement these advanced strategies and achieve highly profitable results.

If you haven’t attended any of the SEO conferences, masterminds, or networking events in the last 12 months.

I’ve not only packaged the information you’d have gotten from sitting through ALL of my presentations, but you’ll also get access to conversations and discussions that arose from after-hours meetups at the bar.

You know, when everyone is kicking back and just telling stories over a martini with a few good jokes between friends and colleagues, that’s when the real nuggets are shared.

This is not information you will find in any other SEO course.

That stuff is extremely useful, and you can go a long way with it, but this program is jam-packed with the special gems I save for people willing to travel the world in search of knowledge, connections, and inspiration.

And I’ve had more time than ever before to run single variable tests, reverse engineer thousands of websites, and analyze algorithm updates in real time.

Unfortunately, the same reason I had so much time was also the reason those who were willing and able could not travel. Many of you were unable to attend all of the SEO events due to the pandemic, but that did not stop me from curating, learning, and becoming better than I had ever been.

This program is not intended for complete white hats. When it comes to using SEO to make money, you must be open-minded and creative. I’m not going to teach you anything unethical or illegal, but if you want to play with the big boys, you’ve got to be willing to make big moves (Sometimes that means putting on a different colour hat)

The majority of the techniques I demonstrate in this course will, in some way, violate Google’s guidelines.

They are, however, extremely effective and, when used correctly, can be used to dominate the SERPs, safely grow your traffic, and save you thousands of dollars and a lot of time.

I’ve been working on creating long-lasting, updatable SEO courses and eBooks that are worth far more than their asking price.

I began in 2020 with a beginner product and have been much more focused on the beginner/intermediate range of the industry than I am known for or would have liked throughout the year.
So, at the end of the year, I wanted to create a project for my hardcore audience, who have known me for years, grown with me as SEOs, and now need their stomachs filled with a ton of new information to run wild with!

This is not the SEO information you’ve seen in my previous courses.

For obvious reasons, I can’t reveal many of the details inside… This presentation, on the other hand, is divided into three major sections:

Part One: An Introduction To The Money Hat Mindset – I Walk You Through My Mindset, Thought Processes, Dealing With Issues, and My Biggest SEO Mistakes For 2020.
Part II: Advanced SEO Theory & Implementation – How I Create Theories, How I Research/Test Them, and My SEO Theories That Have Been Confirmed
Part Three: Tactics & Techniques That Will Make Veterans Lean In – Brand New Advanced, High ROI SEO Strategies With Step-By-Step Breakdowns Plus a slew of other gold nuggets!

SEO Gems also provides a thorough examination of every aspect of my current SEO setup. From my toolbox (I cover EVERY SEO tool) to the exact strategies I use on my sites to generate tens of thousands of dollars in revenue for my business every month.

As someone who has been around the SEO block a few times, I find it frustrating that so many SEO courses are geared towards beginners. Thankfully, a friend recommended SEO Gems, which is literally a gem of a course for those looking to take their SEO to the next level.
If you only purchase one course this year, make it SEO Gems. For anyone who is serious about turning their SEO into cold hard cash, the section on Google’s approach to updates is worth the price of admission on its own.
Finally, an SEO course that recognizes that sometimes you have to get a little creative with SEO to make it work for you. I’m always looking for ways to improve my SEO, and I can honestly say that this is the most advanced SEO course I’ve come across – Warning: this is for real SEO grown-ups, not beginners.
This is not only the most recent SEO course available, but it is also the most comprehensive. Grab SEO Gems right away if you want a course that provides real-world insights rather than motivational buzzwords.
Milosz Krasinski is a Polish politician.

While this course is intended to focus on the advanced theories and techniques of the core webinar, I wanted to include a bonus that looks at some of the less-noticed news that has recently hit the SEO landscape.

With predictions for the future, massive industry changes, and Google updates that fly under the radar in the SEO industry.

This could be a free bonus, but it should be its own course, as algorithm updates have affected (for better or worse) every SEO I’ve ever met, and the last two years appear to have been extremely turbulent.

I’ll be sharing my thoughts on how Google approaches updates, as well as how to analyze them. I share my analysis of how Google approaches updates, how to analyze them yourself, and reveal top-secret information about major updates coming in January, May, and December of 2020.

I’ve reverse-engineered what has changed and what will change in the future. If your site has already been impacted by algorithm updates, you already know how much this is worth. You also get it for free.

Some people may want to skip ahead to the bonus algo section!

Because the majority of SEO Gems are grey or black hat tactics and tricks, I wanted to create a bonus that gave the white hats a run for their money.

This eBook walks you through several advanced white hat techniques that you can use easily, affordably, and effectively without exposing yourself to any of the inherent risks that come with using the darker arts.

Another bonus that could have been its own product and shows a side of me that many of you are probably not accustomed to seeing.

This training is the result of beta testing my own theories as well as analyzing the work of other SEOs. This study has never been seen before.

There are SEO courses that cost ten times what I do, but they only deliver one-tenth of the results. This is due to the fact that they are not conducting real-time testing and relying on real-world experience. They’re simply paraphrasing and remixing what other SEOs have said.

When I say that just one of the techniques in this course could save you thousands of dollars, I’m not exaggerating.

I had a lot planned for today, but when I saw SEO Gems was released, I dropped everything!
When I started watching the first video, I knew this course was going to satisfy my never-ending desire to learn super-advanced level SEO techniques.
Most SEO courses are just recycled information from any marketing blog, but Charles always drops serious knowledge….and SEO Gems is no exception.
I currently use a couple of the methods he discusses in my Affiliate SEO business and have never seen them covered anywhere else online.
Charles deserves credit for putting together something for the “Money Hat SEO” crowd!
It is much appreciated.
Needless to say, I’m very excited to put these strategies into action and help my own sites grow even more.
James Lee (@MonetizedFuture)

I’m not going to teach you how to make digital assets like in SEO Side Hustle or how to start an SEO business like in Local Kingdom.

This course is designed for people who are already involved in SEO and want to improve their business by utilizing advanced ranking techniques and tactics.

I’m not going to show you detailed case studies of successful projects or reveal my $10,000/month site URLs as proof of concept. That’s beginner material meant to instill confidence and demonstrate what’s possible.

This program is designed for people who already know what is possible because they have done it, but want to advance their skills.

This course is designed for people who already know how to build optimized sites but are hungry for more information and have a strong desire to push SEO to its limits.

SEO Gems by Charles Floate is a well-thought-out, well-assembled course from a clear expert in their field.
It’s clear, concise, and full of intriguing theories that are both eye-opening and actionable.
The insights contained within the bonus material are of the same caliber.
This course will be beneficial to anyone with an interest in SEO.
– Tom Hirst (Twitter: @Tom Hirst)

SEO Gems will be updated every month in 2021 with a new update video covering various topics within SEO and ensuring you’re up to date with any recent algorithm changes.

There isn’t much else I can say; SEO Gems is the most advanced course this industry has ever seen and contains tactics that no one has ever shared before – Anyone who has ever seen my Chiang Mai SEO presentations will know that I normally share never-before-seen techniques or discoveries at the annual get-together, but even that is limited by a 45-minute session.

Don’t worry if you’re undecided. This course is not for everyone. Just people who are already familiar with the game and want to be at the forefront of it.

If you’ve gone through dozens of courses, hundreds of videos, and thousands of blog posts, chances are you’re not going to find many courses or products that will wow you anymore… I am confident that this one will!


This course is for those that have an understanding of SEO and will have the tools & abilities to utilize advanced SEO methodology & techniques that could revolutionize the way you pull off campaigns, several times over.

This presentation is split into 3 core parts:

1. I take you through my mindset, thought process, dealing with issues & my major SEO mistakes for 2020.
2. How to create theories, how I research/test them & my confirmed SEO theories.
3. Brand new advanced, high ROI SEO strategies with step-by-step breakdowns.

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