SMM Matrix – Social Media Marketing Tool Download

SMM Matrix – Social Media Marketing Tool Download
SMM Matrix – Social Media Marketing Tool Download

SMM Matrix – Social Media Marketing Tool Download

Are you looking for a tool to manage your social media marketing company? The solution that offers a wide range of capabilities for your agency is called SMM Matrix.

SMM Matrix: What is it?

Bug Finder is the company behind SMM Matrix. They sell a wide variety of other goods. Since 2019, they have been working on CodeCanyon. A tool for expanding your social media marketing agency is SMM Matrix. Its features enable you to add payment options, communicate with customers using a ticket system, view real-time company metrics, and more. Additionally, SMM Matrix uses the most SEO-friendly procedures. Its stunning dashboard enables you to clearly assess the data.

Why use SMM Matrix?
There are a ton of available social media marketing tools. The greatest among them must be chosen with great care. One of them is SMM Matrix. SMM Matrix should be taken into consideration due to:

  • lovely UI/UX design.
  • 20+ payment options.
  • Display your company’s real-time data.
  • As many services as you can include.
  • Services may be easily managed thanks to categories.
  • Customer ticket generation option.
  • You can always alter the design and styling of your website.
  • SEO-Friendly. \sResponsive.
  • Premium assistance.
  • And a lot more…

Setting Up the SMM Matrix

Prior to use, the SMM Matrix tool must be acquired from CodeCanyon or the Bug-Finder developers. Following your purchase, you’ll receive a zip file. When you extract this file, the SQL folder, project.zip, and documentation are all contained. The supporting documentation can be found on the company’s official website as well as in the file.

Setting it up on your server is easy.

Go to MySQL® Database Wizard first.

In your cPanel, create a database.

Then, you must launch PHPMyAdmin from within your cPanel.

There is an import button on the new screen. Open the install.sql file that was included in the SQL folder that you bought.

You should now upload the project.zip folder in order to efficiently run the software.

To execute the software smoothly, you now upload the project.zip folder. All you have to do is place the folder in your public HTML root directory. Go to http://your-sitename/install to see how to install the software visually.

For installation, a page with five tabs is open. The first tab just displays a notice instructing you to activate the software. In the second tab, the SMM Matrix tool analyses whether the server’s requirements match the software’s requirements.

The third step asks you to provide authorization to store and retrieve data in your database. The fourth step is to activate your license key, which you received through email when you purchased it. You’ll also need to create a database there. The SMM Matrix tool installation success message is the fifth step. You can now put it to use.

SMM Matrix has two dashboards available. The first is for administration, and the second is for clients. To access your admin dashboard, navigate to https://your-sitename/admin. To log in, enter the username and password you made when you created the database.


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