[WP] – Restrict Content Pro 3.5.5 DOWNLOAD

[WP] – Restrict Content Pro 3.5.5 DOWNLOAD
[WP] – Restrict Content Pro 3.5.5 DOWNLOAD

[WP] – Restrict Content Pro 3.5.5 DOWNLOAD



Restrict Content Pro is a powerful membership plugin for WordPress that includes everything you’ll need to build a membership site, an online course, or even a staff-only content area.

While the plugin does have a free version, it is severely limited and isn’t a good marketing for what the pro version can achieve.

This includes excellent payment gateway support as well as a plethora of useful administrative features for your subscribers. Furthermore, the pro tool allows you to create promotions to assist drive membership sales.

Sandhills Development, Pippin Williamson’s company, created Restrict Content Pro. Sandhills Development has an excellent track record of building quality WordPress products and delivering good support to clients, as I said in my recent review of Easy Digital Downloads.

The team is also behind affiliate plugin AffiliateWP, Stripe payments solution WP Simple Pay, and event calendar plugin Sugar Calendar, in addition to Easy Digital Downloads and the Pippins Plugins blog.

Let’s look at why so many people consider Restrict Content Pro to be one of the greatest WordPress membership solutions available right now.

Restrict Content’s Free Version
Restrict Content Pro’s free version, just named Restrict Content, can be downloaded from WordPress.org or, if you want, directly from your WordPress admin area’s plugins page.

Every user of Easy Digital Downloads must install the plugin’s core version. This may be obtained from WordPress.org and comes with a number of useful features, like discount codes, PayPal support, and analytical reports. Premium additions can then extend the plugin’s functionality even more.

Restrict Content is set up in a unique way. It’s a stand-alone offering with only basic membership features. Those who choose Restrict Content Pro will have to install a separate plugin.

The restrict shortcode can be used to restrict content, and shortcodes can also be used to build customized registration and login pages.

You’ll notice an option to’Restrict this content’ beneath posts, pages, and other WordPress custom post types once the plugin is installed. This allows you to specify which WordPress users have access to the content contained in the restrict shortcode.

You may customize the message that appears when a user wants to visit a page but doesn’t have authorization to do so on the plugin’s settings page.

Users from various user groups can receive different messages.


What Benefits Does Restrict Content Pro Provide?
It’s a night and day difference between Restrict Content Pro and its free equivalent. Restrict Content Pro is a powerful WordPress tool that can be used to develop a variety of websites and costs only $99 per year.


A customer dashboard, which allows users to see and manage their accounts, and discount vouchers to encourage membership sign-ups are among the plugin’s features.


Restrict Content Pro supports various payment methods, including Stripe, PayPal, Authorize.net, and 2Checkout, so accepting payments shouldn’t be a problem. The plugin also works with WooCommerce.


To get a better view of how your memberships are functioning, you can generate a variety of reports regarding your memberships and revenue. You can also export your membership and payment information in CSV format.

The level of control you have with Restrict Content Pro is very astounding.


Users can not only check the status of their membership from the customer dashboard, but they can also upgrade or downgrade to different plans and just pay the difference.


You can design any form of membership plan you want as the administrator, whether it’s a paid subscription, a trial for individuals to try out your business, or a free account. You can view which members are active, pending, expired, and cancelled on the memberships page.


You can also specify which emails are delivered to clients at the back end, such as payment receipts and renewal reminders.


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