Galaxy 5 EA – multi-currency MT4/MT5 robot free download

Galaxy 5 EA is a multi-currency trading robot for MT5 and MT4, which, as always on our website, can be downloaded absolutely free. The EA is interesting in terms of impressive profits, which are accompanied by a small drawdown, making it a relatively safe automated trading tool. Does not use dangerous trading methods such as martingale, grid and so on. It works in the style of day trading based only on technical analysis.

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  • Official website:
  • Platform: Metatrader5
  • EA version: 1.0
  • Trading Time: Default 1:00 – 23:00 GMT (can be changed in the settings)
  • Timeframe: H1
  • Minimum account balance: $500 (or 500 USD cents)

How the EA works

According to the developer’s assurance, the Expert Advisor uses a super modern system with support and resistance, trend and volume indicators in its analysis. This allows it to trade smartly and safely, without exposing your balance to high risk. The EA does not use high risk money management techniques such as Martingale, grid and etc. Even scalping is bypassed by this Expert Advisor. Therefore, you may think that the Expert Advisor trades rarely, which is indeed the case.

The Expert Advisor is multi-currency and simultaneously analyzes and uses 8 currency pairs (NZDCAD, EURCAD, USDCHF, AUDUSD, CADJPY, EURCHF, EURJPY and GBPNZD), so you only need to install it on one chart NZDCAD H1, but all pairs specified in the settings will be used in trading.

Galaxy 5 can trade either fixed lot or using Auto lot, which will be calculated proportionally to your account balance, which will definitely affect higher profits in trading.

  • Magic Number: An exclusive identifier assigned to the EA’s trades.
  • Currency Pair: The specific currency pair targeted for EA trading.
  • Expert Comment: A customizable annotation attached to each trade for reference.
  • Prefix Suffix: Customizable prefixes or suffixes appended to the currency pair name.
  • Auto Lot: Activates automatic lot size calculation based on the account balance.
  • Risk: Determines the percentage of the account balance at risk for each trade.
  • Fixed Lot: Specifies a fixed lot size to be employed when Auto Lot is deactivated.
  • Minimum Lot: Establishes the minimum allowable lot size for EA usage.
  • Maximum Lot: Sets the upper limit for lot sizes available for EA deployment.
  • Take Profit Multiplier: Multiplier applied to determine the take profit distance.
  • Stop Loss Multiplier: Multiplier used to calculate the stop loss distance.
  • Maximum Spread in Points: The highest acceptable spread in points for initiating a trade.
  • Trading Start Time: Designates the starting time of day when the EA commences trading.
  • Trading End Time: Indicates the time of day when the EA concludes trading activities.
  • Trading on Fridays: Toggle to enable or disable trading on Fridays.
  • Single Order per Pair: Restricts the EA to maintain only one active trade per currency pair.
  • FTMO Randomizer: Activates a random delay in trade execution to evade detection by FTMO’s funding program.
  • Maximum Drawdown for Closure: Initiates the closure of all open trades when the account drawdown reaches a predetermined percentage.
  • Trailing Stop Loss Distance in Pips: The specified distance in pips that triggers the activation of the trailing stop loss function. When set to 0, this function is deactivated.

In the archive Galaxy_5_EA.rar (891.6 KB):

  • Galaxy 5 1.0 MT4.ex4
  • Galaxy 5 1.0 MT5.ex5
  • Galaxy PROP MT4.set
  • Galaxy PROP MT5.set

Free Download Galaxy 5 EA


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