Free Download: Getting a Front-End Developer Job

Discover the path to becoming a competent front-end developer and adopt the employer’s perspective under Jerome’s expert guidance.
This course will help you secure the coveted role of front-end developer and equip you with the skills you need to differentiate yourself.

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Discover the top three hiring users — automated systems, HR reps, and tech developers — and tailor your application to each.
Become fluent in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, giving you a solid foundation to impress interviewers and prospective employers.
Get a head start with design systems, web accessibility, serverless technology, and APIs—the tools that accelerate a young front-end engineer’s career.
Learn to craft compelling introductory presentations using keywords, seamlessly blending your education, experience, and volunteering for maximum impact.
Boost your GitHub profile with professional tips and create a portfolio that showcases your personality and expertise while learning the art of self-promotion.

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